This Week in Provocations

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

Just when I thought I had one solid issue to focus on this week with the travel ban and subsequent provocation by Iran's missile test, then Trump's provocation back putting the nation on "notice," Berkeley happens. As of this afternoon an adjacent reaction was seen on Reddit as they shut down an alt-right community

A quick note on freedom of speech...while I agree with the notion that we can share any view we like, there is something to be said about limiting acts that may cause others to react in a destructive way. As this pertains to Berkeley, how was Milo showing up to speak not an act of provocation and one that, given the social climate, wouldn't cause a less favorable reaction from Berkeley residents? I suppose it can also be summed up as..."know your audience."

If some of the activity this week is an indication...perhaps we should start tracking these provocations  as signals. I sense we've moved beyond a place where we make statements for the sake of positioning a message or making a point...we are now seeing counter reactions which are rising tensions further than most of us would hope. The other side of the this coin...perhaps that's what is needed for some progress.