A Move to Center Right

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

I want to take credit for this idea he'd move center right after the election should he be president, but in all honestly it was merely a thought that I hoped could happen if he were to get elected. I think it was largely influenced by not trusting much of what he says (repealing ACA, etc) and the almost too transparent pandering to the alt right. But in the few days since winning the election there appear to be strains of a potential move to center. This 60 minutes interview being one, the public statements about ACA prior to this, and at least for me, not allowing Chris Christie to lead the transition team. 

To clarify, I'm still a little horrified that someone with his demeanor is the symbolic head of our nation. Just grasping on to some silver lining here if by this time next year I can say with some confidence that: 

  1. The republicans got rick rolled
  2. We have yet to implode