Making Theater Movie Watching More Enjoyable, Innovative

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

I remember the first time I attended Lanmark Living Room theater in West Los Angeles, siting on the couch that I shared with friends, ordering food while watching Synecdoche  New York. Or trying to watch it because I also recall feeling a bit distracted by the seating arrangement, and wondering how the experience of watching on couch in a theater may have invited social discomfort. I felt a social radar. And if there was a complete stranger on the couch with me, that discomfort may have manifested itself. I liked the idea of theather move watching on a couch. It was fun, and there was an element of exclusivity associated with the experience. Of course it was innovative, but it was also an advancement rarely seen in the that form of entertainment. 

New online entertainment business models, On-Demand, the Netflixes' of the world, they are making the space to gain profitability in feature releases more difficult for traditional move theaters. And while there are differing reports on whether movie theaters are struggling, here and here, it would be nice to see new services included in traditional business models. AMC, now post acquisition, is looking to change it up a bit as well as they are introducing, reserved seating, alcohol and even meals during movies. 

Something I'd like to see in more theaters...? 

  • Couches, love-seats, bean bags. I suppose this would require a pit area.
  • Headphone jacks: to cancel out surrounding noise from other viewers.  
  • Ability to choose a meal while purchasing tickets.
  • Designated family section for parents with smaller children.

It's about continually creating value. And in a competitive market, those small changes can mean loyalty and experiences provided for viewers they may not know they currently or want. 

- arturo gutierrez