Hulu Not For Sale....Again

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

If you recall there was a time in 2011 when Hulu, again, was taken off the selling table as it neared acquisition. And like then, we are now wondering what changes or positive outlook exists in the future to justify keeping Hulu alive for the team of networks that own it (Disney, Fox, NBC).


What some wanted to value at 1 Billion has been halved to 500Million by a number of perspective buyers including Peter Chernin earlier this year. Leading to justified skepticism. But if Hulu they can develop high engagement quality content they may have something going. The Awesomes have potential to bring much needed quality content to Hulu but most importantly the development of this and other Hulu Original Shows is the innovative thinking brought to a model that's been questioned for quite some time. If Hulu can create popular content exclusively for Hulu programming there may be value there not shared by other "mirror" services. 

But I'm still asking, "why are they keeping it alive?" It's a mirror to other platforms. The only value I see is the possible high quality content they can develop previously mentioned, which would make it a hybrid studio of sorts.  


- arturo gutierrez