Facebook or Search Marketing?

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

I've come across this question a number of times. And for any marketer in the planning process of a campaign it's important to at least understand one thing: online consumer behavior. 

 There is so much that can be written on the value of a "LIKE" or "Click" on Facebook but I'm saving that for a paper I'm currently working on. Today, I wish to only focus on getting marketers to understand that consumer behavior and brand attributes should be the first thing to consider when creating a marketing plan.  

Which online properties are your target segments hanging out at and what are you selling? Are they on FB or Twitter, or are they on AOL ad other traditional portals? Are you selling Student Loans or WheelChairs? Which arena is better suited for your advertising? Will your segment really be exposed to attractive wheelchair advertising on a Social Network?

I wont suggest an anecdotal approach to any of this, but these are the questions you should ask. Because if you can't figure out that purchase funnel behavior is dominate on SEARCH and Perception and Awareness sentiment is driven on Facebook, then you should consider rethinking your strategy.  

Paper coming soon.   


- arturo gutierrez