The CIO and CMO Becoming One In Action and In Thought

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

A recent paper form Accenture Interactive got me thinking about the progress we've seen in the role of the CMO. For those of us who have seen the role of the CMO shift from expert of one directional marketing to expected agile leader of many aspects of marketing, including data, understand that the CMO growing in their knowledge of varios aspects of marketing has become as important as developing relationships outside of marketing discipline. What I mean by this is; as the role has expanded to include data, insights, analytics, etc... it has become necessary to foster better relationships with the hands that build the architecture to extract learnings from marketing campaigns. 


And this recent paper from Accenture Interactive, The CMO-CIO Disconnect: Bridging The Gap To Seize The Digital Opportunity, gets a lot right about the partnership between CIO And CMO and closing the gap on the divide. I want to provide just a few learnings from the CIO-CMO survey.

Based on their (CIO-CMO) responses, five imperatives emerge to build trust and improve alignment between the CMO and CIO functions:

  1. Identify the CMO as the chief experience officer (CXO).

  2. Accept IT as a strategic partner with marketing, not just as a platform provider.

  3. Agree on key business levers for marketing and IT alignment, such as access to customer data vs. privacy and security.

  4. Change the skill mix to ensure that both organizations are more marketing- and tech-savvy.

  5. Develop trust by doing just that—trusting. 

    I especially agree with and find of greater importance number 4; changing the skill mix. There could be arguments out ther for allowing some departments to work in silos, but in an age where data driven decisions is applicable through all organizations of a company, teaching marketing to understand technology and the systems that power their insights will only lead to better intelligence gathering. The data is only as good as the analyst extracting and evaluating it, and if that analyst is a marketing leader, the value they can bring to the organization if they know the technologies will be much greater. 

    Much more to this paper, and of great value to both marketers and technologists.


    - arturo gutierrez