China's Incredible Acquisition Streak

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

I've written about Chinese companies investing heavily in and acquiring western companies in recent years. Notably, the attention placed on infrastructure and energy firms...some great info here, and here. Given the nature of the mass mobilization from rural china to mega cities, these acquisitions made sense, and who better to partner with than american companies; throws a bit of a wrench into that irrational us against them thinking that is a bit pervasive in the media. Just feast your eyes on this info-graphic and you can begin to understand the scale at which they are operating. Inward looking IMO, they're just looking for ways to sustain that massive influx of people into cities. 


Regardless, I'm impressed with the acquisition moves they make. And this latest one is intriguing because on the surface it seems so bizarre. That in no way takes away from the excitement I have in seeing what Zhong Ya Group Hebei Canada-China Co does with this Ghostown in Canada. The land is absolutely beautiful. And judging by the reaction of locals there seems to be some excitement over foreign investment into their economy. Would hardly expect that in the US if a whole town was purchased, unless there was a promise to revive it into a park of course. 


- arturo gutierrez