Blackberry Is Looking For A Buyer, Anyone?

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

Blackberry (RIM) may soon be entering into a partnership like Nokia and Windows Phone did in 2011 or better yet, for their sake, be acquired acquired acquired together.  

We know the story, the literal rise and fall of RIM. And though many users still exist and they have a strong hold of the market in places like Indonesia, I think it's fair to heavily speculate if they will be able to turn their consistent decline into success through an acquisition or special partnership. 

First, the special partnership; with whom, Android, Windows Phone? Keep this in mind, their doesn't appear to be an exclusive partnership deal out there left for them to take. So as far as the brand is concerned, a co branded effort may not be helpful, I mean, how much brand equity would Windows Phone have to share? And would it be in the interest of Nokia to allow RIM to enter into an agreement with Windows Phone, and risk sharing/competing for the relatively small unit sales are really expected for Windows Phone? 

On the flip side of this, a distribution deal may be in the interest of Windows Phone or Android. Android is currently sitting on 79% market share worldwide, an acquisition or partnership with Blackberry could be an easy +3% (Blackberry is down from 5% a year ago) for them or Windows Phone. So who would benefit more? A better question is, which of the two can get to +3% without Blackberry? Android can clearly do it alone without any new deals. Windows Phone?

I don't foresee an acquisition  I mainly concerned with what benefits Blackberry could bring to a major player. It certainly wouldn't be innovation or a platform worth integrating. Users, ok, but again, that 3% can be had for a lot less than an acquisition. 


- arturo gutierrez