A Note On Smartwear: For Google It's All About Search

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

If winning the smart watch war will come down to adds, apps, and involve the same players big technology players, search queries are king. 

When MIT's Patty Maes spoke about the SixthSense at TED in 2009, my thoughts were quickly driven towards the type, and amount, of information that could be gathered from wearable technology user interactions. Some of the data fields that initially came to my mind were related to the way in which a person's body may react to a certain interaction:

  1. Body posture throughout the day
  2. Heart rate when visually stimulated
  3. Breathing patterns at point of physical contact

But I don't think I placed any consideration on wearable technology being a viable future platform for technology companies to compete in at the time. And now that Google has entered the game with Android Wear, joining Pebble, Samsung and others, its clear to me where one cash cow is heading. 

Google Glass has widely been seen a future technology in the now, but the watch serves many practical purposes without straining current user behaviors or disrupting the lives of others. In simpler terms, for the majority of our generation's life span, the watch has served as a device where information beyond time (navigation, calculation, file storage) has been available, and associated interactions with the watch would be very similar to those on new smartwatches.

This is why, IMO, the next search war will be taking place on watches. And so long as google is in that game, it will be another very good example of related diversification on their part. It's all about information and having it readily available... and it being accompanied by ads. The service also will yield new types of user data (think health apps, etc) and users being tied to the greater Google portfolio of services. Good move by Google, expected, and it looks like they may be executing it quite well given the general reception and vendors lined up to manufacture the hardware.

- arturo gutierrez