Thinking Fast And Slow...Quick Note.

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

Daniel Kanemans book, "Thinking, Fast and Slow," places light on the efforts needed to make decisions. Those efforts, fast and slow thinking, have their own value and can be developed over time if a lack for one is experienced. I'd imaigne most individuals have plenty of experience with fast thinking as it is the kind of exercise where a high level of mental capacity or patience is not required. This doesn't mean that it lacks value, as some decision making can serve valuable if its reflexive. But the latter, slow thinking, has gotten my attention as it is the one that seems to be the luxury of the two. And perhaps the hardest to control or extract value from.

I don't think slow thinking is reserved for spedial types of individuals, but sound and sustained thinking is required (reflective thinking and pondering) is what I've seen less of in the majority of indivuals I've associated with professionally and personally. This isn't for a lack of effort on anyones part, but because slow thinking is hard. And those thousands/millions of years of behaviroal molding are still very much an influence in the habits humans form today. 


- arturo gutierrez