Bezos and The Post. Why This is Great News!

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

Bezos's history in publishing surely makes for some excitement surrounding the purchase of the Washington Post. But what's more important to me is that a technologist is finally taking over a major publisher.


If you think the conservative approach to publishing, user experience, and traditional distribution is being questioned you're completely right. In a letter to the organization Bezos stated, "we will need to invent, which means we will need to experiment.” If Elon Musk is the innovator transit systems in our generation, Bezos is certainly positioning himself to do the same mobile media consumption. 

I'm excited for the following reason, taking a publisher digital shouldn't just mean making hard copies into e-book form. And that's why The Washington Post experiment will be exciting to keep an eye on. Few mediums have such diverse and vast horizontal coverage of topics as a newspaper. Consider the data that newspapers distribute; finance, sports stats, historical information...if Google has charged themselves with organizing the world's data, it looks like others may be taking a different approach; if you don't own the data, go and buy it. 


- arturo gutierrez