iOS Catching Up To Android, No One Cares

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

Kantar just released some data and insights on the US Smartphone market over the past year showing some gains for Apple. What I find significant about this is the growing general sentiment of how much of a handicap the closed Apple ecosystem is. Along with the dominant portfolio reach of Google and how it compliments mobile content consumption on Android and general online activity. So this 3.5% market share gain in the past year is extremely significant. Keep in mind, iOS is on 1 phone. Android runs on many phone models from many manufacturers on many carriers. 

And what to attribute the share gains to? More carriers. That's it. Apple got a distribution deal with T-Mobile and Sprint and share went up. iPhone has been the best selling smart phone on T-Mobile in the last 3 months ending in May 2013, accounting for more that 30% of all sales. So in a period where many are questioning Apples future profitability and touting Samsung and Android, they've continued to grow in a highly compeitive market, with what appear to be simple distribution deals. 

But no one cares. Really, Apple's positive perception has rarely been about share or revenues. It's been a second thought and consideration to design, usability, and perception. As if the aforementioned will lead to those bottom line metrics taking care of themselves, quietly. And that's a good thing. 


- arturo gutierrez