Government Surveilance. More Like Syria, Not Quite 1984.

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

So it appears as though enough information has been made public to make a few claims and disregard some of the initial ones. No content has been recorded or stored, which means... essentially what the surveilance program data consists of, at most, could be what we see in our phone bill at the end of the month. And it looks like the activity was only applicable to those overseas. Tech companies have since conceded their initial stance on the matter, admitting they were aware and aided the program


Two things:  

1. I don't mind it. Especially when you consider the huge upsides to obtaining intelligence without collecting and analysing content from regular americans.  

2. I do take issue with the lack of transparancy. Most americans have been relatively fine with the data the government already collects (tax data, employment, dependents etc) which is as valuable (and intrusive) as cell phone data. 


So it looks like we mirror Syria and Iran in surveilance activity more than we'd like to admit. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. What is done with the data, who is targetted, how much we know... those are all things that have to be considered in this discussion. I like the leak.