Big Data And Avoiding The Anecdotal

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

Quick thought.

 Having worked in data and some form of marketing analytics through out my career, it really feels like it wasn't until two or so years ago that my profession suddenly became a sexy subject. Somewhere between agencies feeling the need (rightfully so) to quickly provide digital analytics services to clients and marketers beginning to understand the importance of understanding data, many experts have appeared with anecdotal approaches to understanding data. And while there may be some truth to what they say, like the following on what data should do...

  • Confirm or disprove what you were already thinking.
  • Make you ask more of the right questions.
  • Cause you to act on what you discover.

We should make it a priority to seek more than just disruption of our thinking or generation of new questions. Which are two things most "experts" will tell you. And can we agree there is really little to no value in this? Nothing beats critically thinking through an objective. And for that you need intelligent people to aid intelligence (data). This is especially valuable to small business owners with limited resources. 


 - arturo gutierrez