Why 15 Second Instagram Video Matters to Advertisers

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

What came with little surprise to some should matter to everyone in advertising. As Instagram rolls out its video sharing capabilities brands and advertisers should begin considering how they can make those :15 seconds count. 


But there are some questions and realities to consider however, that I think are relevant for advertisers and users of Instagram. 

  • Video will be a completely different experience to the common use of the tool if brands treat the :15 second's as traditional spots. 
  • It's not so much intrusive as it will be disruptive to regular scrolling. 
  • Is the production spend really worth the 15 seconds on Instagram if users simply scroll past the spots?
  • Will a cut TV spot to fit Instagram be possible?


I don't yet see it as a smooth transition for a traditional advertiser and question what "analysts" are calling a possible lucrative future. Those that end up suceeding may do so by continuing to mimick the behavior regular users display on Instagram; to share a personal moment, and worthwhile experience. So for a Hertz or Dairy Queen I see potential issues, for a brand attached to a personality like Lebron James or Maria Sherapova, the intimate view of :15 seconds into their private life may prove quite lucrative.  


I still believe Instagram is about people, the brands that understand that will have greater success.  


- arturo gutierrez