The State Dept. Human Trafficking Report...

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

 This is precisely why the US will continue to be considered the dominant power around the world. Not because our crime is low (because it's not), not because for a superpower we have fewer people at the bottom of the food chain (also untrue), but because when it comes to political leverage and using the non market to our advantage, in that sense, we are number 1.

Case in point, the new State Department report on human trafficking  which places China and Russia as tier three countries; meaning they share status with "Countries whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards and are not making significant efforts to do so." - State Department

Meaning... Algeria, Papue New Guinea, Zimbabwe... you get the idea.

So where is the power in this? As a tier three, these countries can "justifiably" be denied IMF loans, non-humanitarian relief, etc from The US because they aren't doing enough to deter human trafficking. So in times of uncertainty regarding the relationship one country (US) may have have with another (Russia), The State Department can release a report detailing mishaps of other governments to justify political actions against them. That's how it works.


So regarding the non market environment; if you don't know which arena the game is being played on (or do and aren't presently active), or who the players are (state department), or what tools are of influence (state department reports on sensitive human rights issues), you may find yourself with tier three status. And under the microscope of other nations as perception often rules reality.


Nice move USA.  


- arturo gutierrez