Chinese And US Protectionism

Added on by Arturo Gutierrez.

For a country often said to be closed off from the world and unwelcoming to foreign investment, it seems many ignore the obvious: That the majority of our technology companies have entered and excelled in the country, yet we fail to recognize that our efforts have as strong or stronger protectionist inklings than China has shown. And although the main message of this YaleGlobal piece is something to agree with, there is limited recognition to our efforts of similar scale. 

Just take HUAWEI as an example. For a decade the telecom giant has been trying to bring greater services to the US only to be discouraged by the non market (lobbying) efforts of american technology companies like CISCO and SUN MICROSYSTEMS. Services of greater value non-the-less.  

So when I read commentary of piracy, protectionism and closed off ecosystems in China I wonder if we are so focused on them that we are losing sight of our actions in the states, actions that are isolating us from services of greater value. The question was brought to my attention last fall through a Financial Times piece on Huawei's activity in the UK where they are not only active but provide the infrastructure for government services. What, a Chinese company trusted by a western government to manage their data? How could it be? Easy, HUAWEI is better and safer and providing telecom services. And while politicians will continue to play the spy card to ward off domestic interest in foreign firms, see here and here, consumers and businesses in the US will continue to lose out on greater value. 


- arturo gutierrez